Oh Baby Foods from A Specialist’s Point of View

I waited, like all good parents, to introduce my baby to solids until he was 6 months old.  His first bite of food was fresh avocado (organic, of course).  I only want the best for my child.  That’s one of the many reasons I love Oh Baby Foods.  It is organic, non-GMO, & grown in the U.S.

There is another reason I love Oh Baby Foods; the packaging.  As a speech language pathologist, I specialize in infant & childhood feeding disorders.  I work with kids every day that have trouble progressing to solid food & food with texture.  I also work on cup drinking skills, which are very important to oral motor development.

What most parents don’t realize is, following the breast or bottle, your baby can go straight to straw drinking or open cup.  With the new packaging of baby food, teaching straw drinking is easier than ever   Wrapping their little lips & tongue around the spout of the baby food pouch, helps babies learn quickly that sucking produces tasty results.  The sippy cup was initially created for parents’ convenience.There are plenty of straw cups & sports bottles out there as well that will produce the same no-spill results.  Sippy cup spouts promote an infantile front-to-back tongue movement, whereas straw cups promote a more wave-like pattern of the tongue that is more adult.  My son was never given an option to drink from a sippy cup spout.  I started, at 6 months, dipping the straw in water , covering the top of the straw with my finger & releasing the liquid as he began to suck.  By 7 months, he was able to suck from a straw straight from the cup.

The style of packaging also promotes greater independence of feeding.  My son can eat his food anywhere he might be & doesn’t have to depend on me to feed it to him.  He can eat in his carseat, his stroller, the grocery cart, or his high chair.  He is able to feed himself long before he is able to pick up little bite-sized toddler foods!  Great news for a busy mama!

Landry Edited

All in all, would I recommend Oh Baby Foods to my friends?  Absolutely! So would my son!

Stephanie Hall Headshot

Stephanie Hall is the owner of Kids SPOT Pediatric Therapies in Springdale. With over 13 years’ experience, she specializes in infant and childhood feeding disorders. Other interests include autism, Spanish language delay, and NICU discharges. Kids SPOT serves the community of Springdale by offering speech, physical, and occupational therapies. Stephanie Latiolais Hall, MA, CCC-SLP

The Most Important Thing We’ll Ever Do

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It’s a Wednesday morning. For me, this is a day I don’t go into the office to work.  My oldest (daughter) is at school (kindergarten) & my youngest (3, my son) is home with me.  After getting her ready and off to school, my son & I are back at the house.

What I’m thinking:

” I have so much to do.  I could do laundry, declutter, clean, work on my personal blog, work on the wedding I’m planning for a family member…”

What’s he’s thinking:

“Yay!  I have mom all to myself!  We can play together ALL DAY!!

What usually happens:

“Just a minute.”  “After I finish what I’m doing.”  “Go play.”  “Stop bugging me!”

In a good moment, I stop everything & get on the floor to play with him in his room. It’s usually cars.

I remember being so excited that, now that my daughter was going to be in school, I was going to have all this one on one time with my son.  We have almost never been by ourselves & now, here we are & I’m squandering it.   I don’t want to give my children my leftovers, but I often feel pulled into several directions.  I get pretty tired these days & that makes me lazy.  Do you relate this this at all?

I am re-prioritizing.  I am choosing to more present.  I will put down my phone, my tablet/laptop/whatever & look into the face of my children.

I do not want to regret later what I could have given them now – a mother than who invests & delights in her children.


fist day pre-k, printable

First Day of Pre-K Printable

Today was my son’s first day of pre-k.


It was a big day because it signified a somewhat end to my status as a stay-at-home-mom.  I’m still a stay-at-home-mom, but now, my oldest is in kindergarten & my youngest is in pre-k twice per week.  So, now, I am a partly or mostly stay-at-home-mom.  It’s different.  Things are changing.

first day pre-k, printable, oh baby foods

I have to say, drop off could not have gone better.  He was happy to stay there. No tears, no clinging to mommy.  It feels good to know he’s got this.  He is getting some independence (as is his sister) & you know, so am I! These past 5 years of staying home and taking care of these sweethearts has been a privilege & a joy (also tiring & stressful & CRAZY, but that’s another post for another day.).  It is unreal how fast the times flies – so cliche, but dead-on nonetheless.

Can you relate?  I want to share this printable I made if you have a little one just starting pre-K; for you to use free of charge.

first day pre-k, printable, oh baby foods

If you end up using it, post it to our Facebook page, so we can enjoy your sweet pics!

Basil Babe Smoothie

This month we had a recipe contest.  We asked our Facebook followers to come up with a recipe that toddlers would enjoy using our Basil Babe purée.  The winner was Amy Blount of Houston, TX!

Amy Blount

Her recipe was a smoothie.

Basil Babe Smoothie:

1 c. almond milk, chilled
1 container vanilla goats milk yogurt
1 pouch Oh Baby Foods Basil Babe purée
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
Handful of ice
Pulse in blender.

Basil babe & finsihed smoothie


*Amy won a case of our purées for her efforts

Tips for Picky Eaters

Tips for Picky Eaters
If you have a toddler, then you are probably familiar with picky eating.  It can be challenging to be patient as they become acquainted with new foods.  Often, they will love something one day & hate it the next.  Sometimes it can get pretty frustrating trying to figure out the best approach!  So, we wanted to offer just a few helpful hints for your picky eater:

1)  Often they have to try something multiple times before they are used to the texture, taste & smell to decide if they really like it.  So, don’t give up.  If they don’t like something, wait a week & try again! Per, “Your child may need to try a new food 10-15 times before he is willing to eat it.”

2)  Some people have had success using a child’s stuffed animal as a model.  Model trying out new foods with the child’s toy before getting your child to actually try it.

3)  Another tip is offering your child several different options at mealtime.  You may have noticed some moms have been using an ice cube tray with different baby or toddler safe foods in each slot.

4)  Try giving just a small amount of a new or disliked food.  Give them one bite & see if they ask you for more.

5)  Engage your child in the process, “Which one was your favorite?”  “Today you ate all of the carrots.  Were they yummy?”

6)  For toddlers, the more things they can pick up & feed themselves without utensils, the better.  This allows them to take ownership of their eating.

7)  Allow your kiddos to help you pick out the fruits & vegetables at the grocery store.  Then the items feel more like what they are choosing & maybe you can avoid a battle of the wills!

8)  I will close with this:

They’ll be more open when they’re truly hungry.

Meanwhile, chin up!  Per WedMD, Kids usually outgrow their extra picky behavior by 4 or 5.

Earth Day Giveaway! (Ended)

Congrats to

M a r y  C i v i s

who won our Earth Day giveaway!!  We’ll get your goodies shipped out right away!!

Earth Day Giveaway PInable

Earth Day is an important day for our planet.  It is a day when we refocus our heart and reevaluate what we doing as people for the good of the Earth.  Each year the effort is to focus on the unique environmental challenges of our time.  This year’s focus is on Green Cities; building sustainable communities through:

1)  Investing in sustainable technology

2) forward-thinking public policy

3)  Educating the public

4)  Calling the public to action

How can you help?

Take part in Earth Day Events.

Get educated & educate others starting with these Rescources.

Join the global movement through Online Activism, & Local Campaigns.

Whatever you choose to do makes a difference.  Small, beautiful things like planting a tree with your child & raising them educated about their life’s impact on the world around them.  What will your family choose to do?

Over at Oh Baby Foods we’re fired up about Earth Day! So, in on honor of Earth Day tomorrow we would like to give away a Basket of THIRTY Oh Baby Foods’ purees; 1 month’s supply!! Celebrate Earth each day for the next thirty days by giving your child a product that are regionally-raised, does not use Genetically Modified Organisms, and uses produce that are certified organic through the USDA’s National Organic Program.

Just follow the instructions on the widget below to enter!

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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Naturally Dyed Eggs - Easter

Have you ever used natural dyes to dye your Easter eggs?  Fran, our owner, wanted to share her experience dyeing eggs naturally with her children.

The method she used came from  There you can get the breakdown on how to make each color.  The dyes are all from sources you may already have in your kitchen: cabbage, coffee, spinach, beets, turmeric, blueberries & paprika.

Once you figure out what colors you want to do, just boil your natural ingredients in 2 cups of water with salt.  Next, pour them into mason jars, add the vinegar & hard boiled eggs.   You can play with the amount of time you let the eggs soak in the mixture to get the colors you want (from a few hours to overnight).

Fran had her girls decorate theirs first by drawing on them with crayons:

Kids Dyeing Eggs


Look at these sweet girls- proud of their eggs:

Proud Kiddos


This is what her jars looked like:

Eggs in the dye


Fran had the best luck with acai, beets & curry for brighter hues.

If you try this, let us know!  We’d love to see how they turned out!!


Yes, that time is here again. The time when you fetch all the crafty stuff boxes from the garage or run around to craft stores searching for something unique. You steer your kids away from pics of the complicated multi-step Valentines and the sugary licensed super-hero objects, and towards the simple, healthy, quick projects that you can proudly post to Pinterest. They love those, right?

We get it. And we have a solution.

Meet the Oh Baby Squeeze Valentines for kids of all ages. Print, cut, glue, tie, and then drop these off with your baby, toddler, and preschooler, and your Valentines duty is done. No sugar rush involved and you become that parent that teachers love and remember.

We must thank The Funky Polkadot Giraffe for this original idea and the template. She is so creative! And generous to share.

Use the templates below and let us know how it worked out. Send a pic and we’ll share with parents in the same boat. Have fun!

Valentine Squeeze Inner PDF