Perfecto Baby Foods

Welcome to the perfect combination of
refreshing pears and warming ginger.

Basil Babe Baby Foods

Basil brings out the best in us, especially
when paired with apples and greens.

Peachy Keen

All is good in the land of peaches & keen,
with a side of sweet potatoes.


A gorgeous house-blend of beets & berries
with a subtle hint of lavender flower.

Wise Punkin

Punkin invites you to mix &
mingle with his friends, apricot and sage.


A star-studded show of sweet robust
green & knock-your-socks-off spearmint.

Oh Baby Foods

Fran & Lucy’s Story

Fran & Lucy's Story

Our story is simple. As a new mom, I wanted only the very best for my little punkin' pie. I researched the baby food options out there and decided that, while they may be safe and contain many of the nutritive aspects our babies need, they just weren't good enough. More about us.

Our Values

  • Certified Organic
  • Regionally Raised
  • Unique Flavors
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • 100% USA Grown
  • Soothing Herbs

We offer wholesome, delicious, organic, non-GMO purees made from certified organic ingredients grown and harvested at their peak of flavor. 100% of our fruits, veggies, and herbs are grown by US farmers, while many are raised regionally. Made in small batches, Oh Baby Foods® is a clear choice for our satisfied clientele. You'll find nothing unnatural here, simply delicious and healthy recipes. We are the first baby food company in the world to have all our products verified through the Non-GMO Project. Pure food. Pure babies.

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"My baby can't stop opening his mouth for this quick & easy way to get in some veggies & fruits."- Sophia Wong, Framingham, MA

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